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This is really weird. I don't know what has gone wrong, and have tried to fix this for at least an hour. I wrote an ad-hoc validator for the form:

def validate (email: String, password: String): Option[UserData] = DB.withSession { implicit rs: scala.slick.session.Session =>
    val result = Users.get(email)

    if (result.isEmpty) None
    else if(password.bcrypt hash= result(0).password) {
      Some(UserData(email, password))

Full disclosure, I used play-slick. Also the mysterious password.bcrypt hash= ... is a encryption function I borrowed Hasher: https://github.com/Nycto/Hasher. I defined UserData within the same controller:

case class UserData(email: String, password: String)

This code seems all fine with me, but the complier from play console said:

 type mismatch; found : Unit required:
 else if(password.bcrypt hash= result(0).password) {
  ^ one error found

This is not supposed to be an error right??? What's going on?

One additional question I need to ask: in my Login page view, the first line looks like this: @(form: Form[Login.UserData]). Then the program asks me to pass in a form value each time I call render(). The problem is, I don't have a form value, if the user first logs in. What should I pass in then??

Thank you for helping!

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Its probably because your function will return Unit in the case where the first and second ifs are false.


if(!result.isEmpty && password.bcrypt hash= result(0).password) {
  Some(UserData(email, password))
else {

To see if it resolves your issue.

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Shit thanks that's exactly my problem! –  Wind Dweller Jan 21 at 0:16

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