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Got a 4gb txt file that I need to view. When I try open it in gedit it loads for a while then crashes. Any ideas of a text editor that I can use to view this file. OS=Fedora 20.

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Not text editors, but in the command line tail -n 100 ./file.txt will give you the last 100 lines of a file, head -n 100 ./file.txt will give you the first 100 lines.

vim in the command line buffers as you read through a file (it doesn't open it in one go) so it's quite effective too.

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ok i'll check out vim. Thanks –  user3213163 Jan 21 '14 at 0:16
if you're new to vim this is a very handy guide worldtimzone.com/res/vi.html –  thelastshadow Jan 21 '14 at 0:18

If viewing is anything you need, you might want to use less which should be included with your distribution. I'm frequently viewing terabyte-sized files with it. There are also the variants of zless and bzless for gzipped/bz2'ed files.

emacs should also work with large files (as an alternative to vim).

nano is another vim alternative I find easier to use for basic tasks in the default configuration. In a short test run, I could successfully view a 1GB file, however opening it took more than 30 seconds (however after that, it seems to run quite smoothly).

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