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I am looking for instructions regarding how to create a pseudo-GUI in the command line interface in Windows. An example of something I am looking for is http://www.hiew.ru/.

My preferred programming languages are C, C++, VB.NET, and C#.

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This is technically off-topic, see: stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic but I think its worth an answer anyway because other users might find this helpful. –  Uli Köhler Jan 21 '14 at 1:33

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You could use the ncurses library that provides utilities to create GUIs like the one mentioned by you.

ncurses itself it is C/C++ but there are binding for other languages, e.g. Curses#

For example, the mail client mutt (Screenshot from Wikipedia ) has been realized with ncurses.

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I've written a library in C# that does this: https://github.com/flagbug/FlagConsole

My screenshots are all just basic examples, but it should be possible to create a GUI like in your screenshot

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