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In Corona SDK I currently have an app which performs license checks for the Google Play store. So basically working based on this pseudo-code:

if not device.isSimulator and device.isAndroid then
  -- do Google Play license check

Q1 - How would the pseudo code change for a Google Play and Amazon deployment? (for Corona SDK apps)

I'm also wondering regarding this:

Q2 - Is it possible to detect what app store a device is using? I'm assuming no. Also I'm assuming any Android devices (e.g. Nexus) can purchase from Amazon store, so therefore you can't use checks in your code such as "if model == "Kindle Fire"" here.

Q3 - Perhaps the Corona build (when you choose Google Play or Amazon) marks the target store, so is there a Corona API call you should use to develop the Pseudo Code to be like:

  if androidDevice then -- using model checks, i.e. isn't an iPhone or IPAD
    if coronaapi.buildTarget == "GooglePlay" then
       -- do Google Play Check
    elseif coronaapi.buildTarget == "Amazon" then
       -- do Amazon check (or however Amazon licensing works)

So trying to make sure that the solution doesn't accidental (a) not perform a license check to the wrong store or (b) not perform a license check by mistake. I'm referring here I guess to what happens when a user copies an APK and manually copies onto another device. e.g. if they copied an APK from a Google Play downloaded version of your app, copied onto another device (say Kindle Fire) and then run, i.e. making sure your app didn't do "I'm on a Kindle Fire so don't do Google Play license check"## Heading ##

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