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I'm working in Rails 4.0.2, and I have a number of routes for URLs like these:


For these, I get the helpers:

project_path(organisation, project)
document_path(organisation, project, document)

However, in each case, the last parameter given in the URL fully identifies the object I want to be looking at. Is there any way I can make the other arguments to those helpers optional, while keeping them required in the URL?

The helpers would end up defined something like this:

def project_path(organisation=nil, project)
  organisation ||= project.organisation

def document_path(organisation=nil, project=nil, document)
  project ||= document.project
  organisation ||= project.organisation

Now, I've tried putting those in the ApplicationHelper module, and it works for my app, but I'd have to define a ton of these, and I can't seem to get it to work for my specs in any case; I'm still getting No route matches {:id=>"429", :controller=>"projects", :action=>"show"}.

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