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I have a preg_replace taking out a part of a string it shouldn't be removing. It should be looking for: images_client/39/structure/party-2/ And replacing it with: images_client/39/structure/xxx/ It does do that, but it's also removing the images/ part of it just before apple_logo.jpg

    echo '<br>-------- preg_replace on a css string with slashes ------<br>';
    echo 'Before: '.$string.'<br>';
    print preg_replace("/images_client\/39\/structure\/(\S+)\//", "images_client/39/structure/xxx/", $string) . "\n";
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Please, when dealing with patterns containing forward slashes, choose a different pattern separator (you can pick whatever you want): all those \/ make eyes bleed. Also you might consider accepting some answers –  Matteo Riva Jan 23 '10 at 21:51
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Try this:

preg_replace('#images_client/39/structure/[^/]+/#s', 'images_client/39/structure/xxx/');
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Thank you, that worked out great! –  EricP Jan 23 '10 at 22:06
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Try [^/] instead of \S:

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