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Hi I have setup a magento store on a server. but currently we dont have a domain name.i have changed the core config data table values (web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url) like this: http://{server ip address}/~User name

I can view the site front end, but i cannot log into admin panel like this.
http://{server ip address}/~User name/admin

but i cannot log. Some one can please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

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You can check your admin path from local.xml open your local.xml file from


at the end you can see like

enter image description here

<<frontName>if it set is like admin then admin URL of your site like


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:but currently we don't have a domain name. i was trying to access using server ip address as i mentioned above. http://{server ip address}/~User name/admin –  Dam Forums Jan 21 at 5:18
when you access http://{server ip address}/~User name/admin URL have you got 404 page or something like that? –  Keyur Shah Jan 21 at 5:24
yes i got that.ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND –  Dam Forums Jan 21 at 5:25
have you check your admin path in local.xml? –  Keyur Shah Jan 21 at 5:30
it says: <admin> <routers> <adminhtml> <args> <frontName><![CDATA[admin]]></frontName> </args> </adminhtml> </routers> </admin> –  Dam Forums Jan 21 at 5:33
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http://{server ip address}/~username/index.php/admin

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