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I'm trying to use swagger for my scala Play 2.2 project based on swagger-play2 from wordnik. It seems there's a problem with handling Joda DateTime in swagger. Using the wordnik sample play project, in 'Order' case class,

case class Order (
  @(ApiModelProperty @field)(position=1)id: Long,
  @(ApiModelProperty @field)(position=2)petId: Long,
  @(ApiModelProperty @field)(position=3)quantity: Int,
  @(ApiModelProperty @field)(position=4)shipDate: DateTime,
  @(ApiModelProperty @field)(position=5)status: String

I changed the shipDate from java Date to Joda DateTime and it throws an error when I call /store/order API:

[JsonMappingException: Class org.joda.time.tz.CachedDateTimeZone has no default constructor; 
can not instantiate default bean value to support 'properties=JsonSerialize.Inclusion.NON_DEFAULT' annotation 
(through reference chain: scala.collection.convert.SeqWrapper[0]->models.Order["shipDate"]->org.joda.time.DateTime["zone"])]

Any Idea?


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