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I try to install a program called "Wavewatch III" but it returns 2 errors in log files and one in output display when I try to make it:


gfortran: error: big_endian: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: unrecognized option ‘-convert’


gfortran: error: language SSE4.2 not recognized

by the way when I switch the compiler to "ifort" instead of "f95" it returnes many more errors! I also have ifort and f95 installed on my machine which is Ubuntu 12.04 64bit

Any idea?

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For the first part, you possibly want -fconvert=big-endian as a compile option instead of "-convert big_endian" or whatever is there. –  francescalus Jan 21 '14 at 16:58

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Please see gfortran documentation: relevant documentation. The compilation command that works is

 gfortran hello.f90 -fconvert=big-endian -xSSE4.2
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