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You can easily get an key from a array but if I have the value, and I have the key,In array And wants boths, whats the best way to get it?

like :

$controller = $request->get('_controller');
$home     = array('XXX\ABCBundle\Controller\PageHomeController::indexAction'=>5, 'XXX\ABCBundle\Controller\RegistrationController::confirmedAction'=>10);

First time I want key for compression and when this is inter then want to key:-

       echo "blabla";
   $point = $home[$controller];


But this is not working.

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What you're getting in $controller ? –  Rikesh Jan 21 at 6:11
in $controller current action . –  Kunwar Siddharth Singh Jan 21 at 6:12
iterate with a foreach (see stackoverflow.com/a/14706992/180100) ? –  RC. Jan 21 at 6:12
@Kunwar Siddharth Singh, @Rikesh Asked about, what is the value of the $controller ? –  Krish R Jan 21 at 6:14
if (isset($home[$controller]))...? –  deceze Jan 21 at 6:16

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in_array searches for a value, but you're looking for a key. You should use array_key_exists for this, or isset($home[$controller]).

if (isset($home[$controller])) {
    echo "blablah";
    $point = $home[$controller];
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Thanks this is working. –  Kunwar Siddharth Singh Jan 21 at 6:26

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