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There is a function in Codebehind c# The Code is Like :

private static void ReceiveCallback(IAsyncResult ar)
   // ...

In this Function i have to set the visibility of a button to true :

Runrc.IsEnabled = true;

But I get no intellisense for this button in that function, and it's giving me a error .

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what's the error ? –  Noctis Jan 21 at 6:42
Hey Noctis When i removed static ,i am able to access the function !! Thanks anyways :) –  Vivek Saurav Jan 21 at 6:48
Yep, @Sriram was right on the money. You should mark it as answered :) –  Noctis Jan 21 at 6:49
yea i am trying i cannot mark it answer within 8 minutes –  Vivek Saurav Jan 21 at 6:51

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That is because the method is static. You cannot access a instance member in static method without its object reference.

private void ReceiveCallback(IAsyncResult ar)//Remove static
   // access your button here

If you're not familiar with static members you can read it here

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no you cannot ... :) –  Noctis Jan 21 at 6:43
Thank you Sriram , you maded my day :) :D –  Vivek Saurav Jan 21 at 7:11
@VivekSaurav You're welcome :) –  Sriram Sakthivel Jan 21 at 7:12

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