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I have worked and created many script in UNIX but I am new to PowerShell and looking for some help as the world knows stackoverflow is best for this.

Now we know

sh -x script_name.sh

runs a shell script in interactive mode and display commands line by line as they are executed.


I want PowerShell script to executed in Interactive mode

.\Script_name.ps1 just simply executes it. Please help.

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Use Set-PSDebug cmdlet to set debug features on or off. For example, set-psdebug -trace 0 will disable tracing and set-psdebug -trace 2 will trace in very verbose a mode.

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Works Fine , Thanks So Much –  user2698972 Jan 21 at 8:22
its all good but is it possible that this happens only when I execute script –  user2698972 Jan 21 at 9:07
@user2698972 Sure, just put set-psdebug commands as first and last statements in your script. –  vonPryz Jan 21 at 10:31

You can use powershell debugging cmdlets to achieve this. You need to add a break-points.

Available cmdlets are:

 - New-PsBreakpoint
 - Get-PsBreakpoint
 - Enable-PsBreakpoint
 - Disable-PsBreakpoint
 - Remove-PsBreakpoint
 - Step-Into
 - Step-Out

Setting a break-point is as simple as:-

New-PSBreakpoint -script .\Script_name.ps1 -line 4

Refer this document for further details

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