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Situation: A website has pages with or without scrollbars, and a centered piece of text or image on each page.

Problem: The text or image is centered on the area, minus any vertical scrollbars.

My current option set:
1) Use Javascript to pre-calculate the appropriate position of the image, taking into account the presence of a scrollbar.
2) Use CSS to make the scrollbar always visible (or never visible)
3) Use an artificial Javascript scrollbar to mimic the system scrollbar, or add a system scrollbar in a separate (child) div via Javascript that reacts to behavior in the main div.

Are there any other options?

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if you want dont show vertical scroll use this code in css


and you can set fixed position for div,text,image .... if you want fixed


and you can set absolute position for div if you want show scroll

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That is one of the options I already have in my toolbox. I am looking for more. –  Agamemnus Jan 21 at 8:39

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