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In Kohana 2.3.4, if I want to cache a row in a table then I doing as

$cache = Cache::instance();   
$siteSettings = $cache->get('siteSettings');
if ( ! $siteSettings)
    $siteSettings = ORM::factory('siteSettings', 1);
    $cache->set('siteSettings', $siteSettings, array('siteSettings'), 0);

Here I'm caching only single row, if I want cache entire table rows and want to access by id as I query to get from DB, how can I do this ? Something similar as,

$cache = Cache::instance();   
$category = $cache->get('category');
if ( ! $category)
    $category = ORM::factory('category')->find_all(); // Tried as_array() but won't work as expected
    $cache->set('category', $category, NULL, 0);

$var = $category->get(1000); // Its wrong statement, but I'm looking something like this.

If Kohana 2.3.4 version won't have this type of feature then it would be happy if any one suggest other cache open source libraries to this.

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