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I have 3 classes. They are related hierarchically. How get hiearchiacal data and union it it one class or dictionary array? I lately want insert data to treeview

3 classes

  1. class Lvl1 {string name}
  2. class Lvl2 {string name}
  3. class Lvl3 {string name}

picture of the schema

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What have you tried so far? What do your queries look like to get the individual data? –  Michael Hunger Jan 21 at 11:04
i know how make simple queries - but this query is very hard/ –  Sevkavru Sevkavru Jan 21 at 11:17
MATCH (n:Lvl1) OPTIONAL MATCH n-[:HAVE_LVL2]->(s:Lvl2) RETURN n,s this code return me one rel –  Sevkavru Sevkavru Jan 21 at 12:13

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You can try to do:

MATCH (root:Lvl1)-[:HAVE_LVL2|HAVE_LVL3*0..]->(leaf)
RETURN distinct leaf
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in which array I insert it? –  Sevkavru Sevkavru Jan 22 at 4:47
this is good query, but this return only Lvl1 and Lvl2 data, no Lvl3 –  Sevkavru Sevkavru Jan 22 at 7:19
MATCH (n:Lvl1) OPTIONAL MATCH n-[:HAVE_LVL1]->(s)-[:HAVE_LVL2]->(x) return n,s,x; this query is not work correct –  Sevkavru Sevkavru Jan 22 at 7:49
I need recusrion –  Sevkavru Sevkavru Jan 23 at 4:53

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