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I use Google Dart Team package "pathos" but it does not work correctly.

On the http://pub.dartlang.org, on the page of this package I cannot find information that it is not supported.

Here is link to this package: http://pub.dartlang.org/packages/pathos

"A comprehensive, cross-platform path manipulation library for Dart".


I only can rely on readme file.

So, on the page of web_ui package I can read.

"Web UI 0.4 (deprecated, newer versions in Polymer.dart)".


Thanks to Dart Team. Just two weeks needed Dart Team to mark package pathos as deprecated and no longer supported.

Here is bug (Jan 24, 2014): Update pathos one more time on pub to mark it as deprecated

Here is update: (Feb 05, 2014): pathos

It's very nice when it's done very quickly.

This is a new version of 'pathos', that contains a README saying that users should use 'package:path' instead of 'package:pathos'.

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I think you should make a feature request that at least the uploader of a package can mark it as 'abandoned' or 'replaced by' –  Günter Zöchbauer Jan 21 at 10:36
FWTW pathos has been renamed to path. –  Alexandre Ardhuin Jan 21 at 10:38
@AlexandreArdhuin please goto on pathos page and try to find public information where mentioned about that pathos has been renamed to path. –  mezoni Jan 21 at 10:42
@mezoni yes you can't find this info and I agree that it's worth to file a feature request to make this more obvious. –  Alexandre Ardhuin Jan 21 at 10:49
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See https://code.google.com/p/dart/issues/detail?id=16296

I'll look into this on Monday.

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Thank you! But this question is more about the quality of work the Google Dart Team developers. "Perfection consists of trifles". Google Dart is far from perfection. As we say in Russia. "Далеко, как до Китая пешком". "Not so close (far) as if you were need to walk on foot to China". –  mezoni Jan 25 at 6:43
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