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Error Message: The route "default" does not exist.

Yes, it doesn't exist. But as described in the Doctrine version of "Practical Symfony | Day 5" everything should work well when default routing is removed, because all actions of the job module has been successfully routed by other routers.

I get the error when I request the URL below which is routed by a router other then the default one. ...jobeet.localhost/frontend_dev.php/job/sensio-labs/paris-france/1/web-developer

I'd be glad, if anyone would help me solving this issue. Thanks!

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It seems that no route has been associated with this URL, please provide some code. Please check JobeetJob.class.php for some typos. –  Darmen Jan 24 '10 at 6:20

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It sounds like you still have something referencing the 'default' route in your application or template code, maybe in a redirect, link_to or url_for function call. If you could post the first few lines of the stack trace I can be more specific.

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Thanks Cryo! I had a url_for function call referencing to the default route in a template. Fixed it! Bests. –  lllolll Jan 24 '10 at 17:31

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