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I am working on an asp.net mvc web application, we have our upper top navigation bar as blue area, and I am displaying our logo inside the blue area , using the following code:-

   <a class="brand" href="~/Home/Index/"> <img alt="Group" src="~/Content/logo_CMYK.png" /> </a>

but on IE9 it will show white boarder around the logo as follow:-

enter image description here

while on IE10, Firefox and Chrome , logo will have blue boarder as follow, and will work fine :-

enter image description here

can anyone advice how I can fix this layout issue ? Thanks

Edit Here is the CSS retrived from the IE F12:- enter image description here

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Do you have a url or jsfiddle showing this? This reminds me of this question stackoverflow.com/q/12438248/427684 –  CodeBlend Jan 21 at 10:55
no I do not have a link, as my system is still not published on the internet.. –  John John Jan 21 at 13:51

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This isn't a white border, it's the background which is white. You may try this code:

a, img {
   background: transparent;   
   zoom: 1;

It declares that the background of your image is transparent.

If you could set up a jsbin.com example, someone might just show the correct answer instead of guessing a fix.

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I modified my code for the <img> tag as follow; <a class="brand" href="~/Home/Index/"> <img alt="Group" src="~/Content/logo_CMYK.png" style="background: transparent; zoom: 1;" /> </a> But this did not change any thing.. can you advice ? –  John John Jan 21 at 11:10
I also tried style="background-color:transparent; . and nothing changed –  John John Jan 21 at 11:14
could you provide an example on jsbin.com with the same image ? This way everyone is able to reproduce the error. –  Hauke Jan 21 at 11:14
sorry I have not used this before I am not sure how to add the example. but I have edited my original question with the CSS setting using IE F12 tool, which shows what are the CSS involved when I mark the logo . thanks –  John John Jan 21 at 11:25

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