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I want to return a JSON body inside an AssignMessage.

I found that if I write it as: <Payload> { "json":"json" } </Payload>

The { is interpreted as a variable. So I escaped it as <Payload> \{ "json":"json" } </Payload>

and the JSON payload comes out properly.

Now, I want to include a variable in the body, like message.queryparam.xxx. I can't use {} anymore since the initial { was escaped. How can I do this?

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You can do it by defining the variable delimiters.

<Payload contentType="application/json" variablePrefix="$" variableSuffix="%">
    "Key": "$variableName%"
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Where does that block go inside AssignMessage? –  pulkitsinghal Mar 3 at 2:33
@pulkitsinghal for complete details of the AssignMessage policy schema follow documentation at apigee.com/docs/api-services/content/… It is available there. –  Santanu Dey Mar 3 at 4:26
I did! Since the trial & error afterwards took longer than any developer would like, here is a gist for everyone to peruse for getting a visual cue on what's placed where: gist.github.com/pulkitsinghal/9350348 –  pulkitsinghal Mar 4 at 16:54
thanks for being thoughtful :) –  Santanu Dey Mar 5 at 11:31

Rather than messing with the variablePrefix and Suffix I just escape the first curlybrace as such:

<Payload contentType="application/json">
    "Key": "{variableName}"

Don't escape the closing curlybrace or it will throw an error.

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