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How can I get counts of elements in vector in c++

cv::vector<cv::vector<cv::Point>> temp;

I try this, but it did not give a real size?

int counts=Sizeof(temp);

I try this also

int counts=[temp count];
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just use temp.size() . (and read a book on c++, please!) –  berak Jan 21 at 11:31
Thanks it's working, I will –  Hazem Abdullah Jan 21 at 11:34
This is C++, not Objective-C. –  user529758 Jan 21 at 11:34
I edit the question, thanks –  Hazem Abdullah Jan 21 at 11:37
I don't think there is a cv::vector. You should specify clearly which class template you're talking about. –  juanchopanza Jan 21 at 11:37

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Use temp.size() for finding out the size of Vector.

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That is not objective-c. It is C++ and this vector isn't from the standard. You need to use the .size() function. Just do temp.size().

If you are using openCV check this documentation on the OpenCV Vectors.

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I edit the question, thanks –  Hazem Abdullah Jan 21 at 11:38
I have edited my answer as well to provide you with more info. –  Tiago Almeida Jan 21 at 11:50

Here is the link where you can learn about the C++ STL(Standard Template Library).

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