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I have a list of files , with full windows path of each file with me , i want to insert each of these file in a perforce changelist using windows shell or cygnus-win . Is this possible , if yes then what commands should i use.

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Yes it is possible. You can use p4 add <path to file>. This will add file to default change list. -c allows you to specify change list to add to. For full help use p4 help add.

Note that you should also set up some environment variables to use p4 from command line or provide these details in command line before p4 action (like p4 -u your_account add <path to file>).

Shortly you have to setup P4USER (your account), P4PORT (server with port), P4CLIENT (workspace name). See p4 help environment for details.

For list of p4 options see p4 help and p4 help usage

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The files also need to be located under the perforce root of the workspace you are working with. –  gaige Jan 21 '14 at 14:38
If the file names are already in a list in a text file of their own, you can use 'p4 -x <listfilename> add' to have 'p4 add' read the list of filenames to add from this file. –  Bryan Pendleton Jan 21 '14 at 14:40

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