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I'm in the process of adding some AJAX functionality to my Play application, following instructions provided by steps 5 (Adding some AJAX actions) and 6 (Invoking actions from Javascript) of the Zentask tutorial for Play Java.

My current setup for triggering a specific action when a <button> is clicked is as follows:


PUT     /resources/:name/description controllers.Application.updateDescription(name: String)
GET     /assets/js/routes            controllers.Application.javascriptRoutes()


public class Application extends Controller {

    public static Result javascriptRoutes() {
        return ok(


    public static Promise<Result> updateDescription(String name) { ... }



<script src="@routes.Application.javascriptRoutes()" type="text/javascript"></script>


button.on("click", function(event) {
    resourceName = "foo";
    route = jsRoutes.controllers.Application.updateDescription(resourceName);
    newDescription = "bar";
        url: route.url,
        type: route.type,
        data: { "description": newDescription },
        success: function(res) {
        error: function(err) {

While this works (I get a "Success" alert every time I click the button), looking at console output in Firefox developer tools I noticed that after the PUT request is executed, Play seems to be executing a separate GET request to the same URL: The console displays a line saying "no element found", and when I click on the corresponding link, a new window containing the source of a regular "Action not found" page opens. This page (correctly) states that no corresponding action could be found "For request GET /resources/foo/description" and lists all routes I have currently defined. This behavior persists when I change the HTTP method from PUT to POST.

My question is: Why is Play complaining about a missing action that I am never triggering? How can I keep it from checking for this action?

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Do you get the same console output in Chrome? Could be firefox prefetching URLS. –  rufio86 Jan 21 at 12:17
@rufio86 Just tried Chromium and I'm not getting any warnings. Want to post your comment as an answer? :) –  itsjeyd Jan 21 at 13:03
Done, thanks :) –  rufio86 Jan 23 at 11:02

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Do you get the same console output in Chrome? Could be firefox prefetching URLS.

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