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I'm so tired of this!

Intellij IDEA 12.1.6(build 129.1359) with Play 2.0 Support 0.22.302.

IDEA substitutes my imports

import views.html.footballCoupon;
import views.html.message;
import views.html.genericCouponTemplate;
import views.html.review;


import views.html.*;

and (surprise surprise) immediately breaks the code with errors like:

Recerence to 'footballCoupon' is ambiguous, both 'views.html.footballCoupon$' and 'views.html.footballCoupon' match

How to disable such folding or to solve this problem in any other way?

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Usually its a Code Style setting ("Class count to use import with '*'), but I see that there's no such setting for Scala language... I suggest submitting a ticket to them. –  Vic Jan 21 at 17:01
I'm pretty sure there used to be such a setting, looked a while for it but couldn't find it. –  johanandren Jan 21 at 22:02

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In Project Settings -> Scala there is an option called "Class count to use '_'" or something like that. Just crank that number up to 99 or so.

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