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I'm trying to monitor a directory for filechanges and process these files after they haved changed or are copied into folder. For this purpose i was trying to use pyinotify.

Everything works as expected with linux commands. After a file is created or modified there's an IN_CLOSE_WRITE event. If it's deleted there's an IN_DELETED and if it's been moved there's an IN_MOVED_TO event.

However it gets tricky as soon as i use a SFTP client for transfering files. WinSCP creates a tmp file with ending .filepart (so i basically can ignore files ending on .filepart) but only triggers an IN_CREATE event on the new file.

So if i also watch for IN_CREATE i have to check somehow if there's an IN_CLOSE_WRITE later as well, so the file won't be processed twice. (Any suggestions on how to do that? I tried to work with a second notifier with timeout, but that didnt work, since the loop() waits for c^c)

Also the edit of Cyberduck is causing me troubles. Is there a better way than ignoring files that end with regex-pattern -........-....-....-....-............? I'm thinking of doing a sanity check on the delete, if it's still there i'll have to check for the create, since i don't want to process it twice (same as before)

Basically I just want to have two different actions: Modified (also for newly created files) Deleted (But if there's a file created immediately after with the same name it should be 'modified')

CP File

IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/mail.php
IN_CLOSE_WRITE  /home/test/watchdir/mail.php

RM File

IN_DELETE /home/test/watchdir/index.html

MV File

IN_MOVE_FROM  /home/test/watchdir/index.php
IN_MOVED_TO  /home/test/watchdir/index.html

Upload WinSCP

IN_CREATE   /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png.filepart
IN_CLOSE_WRITE  /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png.filepart
IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png
IN_DELETE /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png.filepart

Rename WinSCP

IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/mario.png
IN_DELETE /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png

Create file with content WinSCP

IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/index.html
IN_CLOSE_WRITE  /home/test/watchdir/index.html

Upload Cyberduck(WIN)

IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png
IN_CLOSE_WRITE  /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png

Rename Cyberduck(WIN)

IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/mario.png
IN_DELETE /home/test/watchdir/luigi.png

Delete Cyberduck(WIN)

IN_DELETE /home/test/watchdir/mario.png

Create file Cyberduck(WIN)

IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/index.php

Edit file Cyberduck(WIN)

IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/index.php-99cf9392-7c71-4194-94d0-81aad3c14244
IN_CLOSE_WRITE  /home/test/watchdir/index.php-99cf9392-7c71-4194-94d0-81aad3c14244
IN_DELETE /home/test/watchdir/index.php
IN_CREATE  /home/test/watchdir/index.php
IN_DELETE /home/test/watchdir/index.php-99cf9392-7c71-4194-94d0-81aad3c14244
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