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When deploying to the production environment, I want to pause after each server to check if the deployment went as planned on THAT ONE SERVER before Fabric continues to the next server.

This is how I have defined the roles:

 def dev():
     """Development Environment
     env.roledefs = {
            'backend': ['dev_back1', 'dev_back2'],
            'fronts': ['dev_front1','dev_front2','dev_front3']

 def stage():
     """Stage Environment
     env.roledefs = {
             'backend': ['stage_back1', 'stage_back2'],
             'fronts': ['stage_front1','stage_front2','stage_front3']

 def prod():
     """Production Environment
     env.roledefs = {
             'backend': ['prod_back1', 'prod_back2'],
             'fronts': ['prod_front1','prod_front2','prod_front3']

Like that it executes on all the servers, but in the production environment I do want interaction between the administrator and Fabric.

Like this:

prod_front1 completed, do you wish to continue to prod_front2?

and when that's done:

prod_front2 completed, do you wish to continue to prod_front3?

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This works, but surely not the best:

def deploy_this_server()


    answer = query_user_function("Server done. Continue to next server?")

    if answer == "no":

front_machines = env.roledefs['fronts']

for front_machine in front_machines:

    env.host_string = front_machine

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