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I have tried to install and run the compass sample project from

glass developers site.

I get the following error

when try installing on non-rooted devices (nexsus4, galaxy note2):

requires unavailable shared library com.google.android.glass; failing!

I have tried to remove this from the manifest,

but now the apk seems to be installed but nothing is really added to the device

[2014-01-21 15:29:33 - compassApp] Uploading compassApp.apk onto device '4df1250c1d449f4d'
[2014-01-21 15:29:33 - compassApp] Installing compassApp.apk...
[2014-01-21 15:29:46 - compassApp] Success!
[2014-01-21 15:29:46 - compassApp] /compassApp/bin/compassApp.apk installed on device
[2014-01-21 15:29:46 - compassApp] Done!
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You are trying to deploy glassware to an Android phone? –  user1281750 Jan 21 at 14:15
yes, not possible? –  Elad Benda Jan 21 at 14:19

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As far as I know you can't run glassware on a standard Android device.

Hence glassware requires api's found only in Google glass, not in standard AOSP-rom

I found a workaround to run glassware on an Android device. This will add the required api's to your Android device through apk's. Haven't tried it myself, but will do this asap.

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