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I've built a videoplayer in my flash application which streams any video I feed him with. It works really fine but sometimes it happens that a video will download completely before starting to play instead of streaming (buffering and playing what's in the buffer immediatly). Do you know any problem that could come up in the encoding process and that could lead to this kind of problem?

I always use the same encoding preset and I don't see what could go wrongo. Maybe something in the original video? By the way this is my encoding settings:

VIDEO Format: f4v 
frame rate: 29.97 
field order: none 
profile: high 
level: 4.0 
bitrate settings encoding: VBR, 2 pass
bitrate level: custom 
target bitrate 1 Mbps 
max bitrate: 1,2 Mbps
codec: aac+version 2 
44.1 KHz 
quality medium 
bitrate kbps: 64

Thank you in advance!

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