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Given the following powershell function:

function CreateRootCertificate($certificateName, $path, $certificatePassword){
    makecert -r -pe -n "CN=$certificateName" -sky exchange $path\$certificateName.cer -sv $path\$certificateName.pvk
    pvk2pfx.exe -pvk $path\$certificateName.pvk -spc $path\$certificateName.cer -pfx $path\$certificateName.pfx -po $certificatePassword

makecert is prompting me to enter the certificate password. From what I understand it wont do this, if the *.pvk file already exists, and has a password set upon it.

SO my question is, how do I split my single makecert command in two separate commands, one to create the *.pvk and another to create the *.cer?

Many Thanks

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