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I'm using a scroller directive which uses jScrollPane to add scrollbars.

I'm using the directive on two separate elements on the page.

How do I $observe the attrs of each directive separately.

var module = angular.module('scroller', []);

module.directive('scroller', ['$timeout', function($timeout) {

    return {
    restrict: 'A',
    scope: true,
    link: function($scope, element, attrs) {

      $scope.scroller = false;

      $scope.init = function() {
        $timeout(function() {
          if($scope.scroller) {
          } else {
            $scope.scroller = element.jScrollPane().data('jsp');


      attrs.$observe('scroller', function() {

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Can you show the markup and the controller ? –  Ilan Frumer Jan 21 at 17:23

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