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How do I change the use of the IN operator in the following statement:

select stdId, stdName from students where stdId in (:stdsIds)
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what do you want to change about it –  Tom Jan 21 '14 at 14:43
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Usually, you can avoid IN when you have more than one table involved

If you have something like

SELECT name 
FROM students s 
WHERE student_id IN ( SELECT student_id 
                      FROM courses 
                      WHERE course_id = 1 

In that case, you could use EXISTS

SELECT name 
FROM students s 
               FROM courses c
               WHERE c.student_id = s.student_id
                 AND c.course_id = 1
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Use an EXISTS statement instead. So your query would change to this:

select stdId, stdName from students where exists(:stdsIds where stdId = students.stdId)

EDIT: I don't use Oracle but I "think" the syntax would look something like this:

select stdId, stdName from students where exists(:stdsIds = students.stdId)
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