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i have a code that needs buttons and text fields to show above graphics but dont understand JPANELS at the moment the graphic hides theese options later i will be using a if statement that will take the season and draw image acordingly

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.util.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class Weather extends JApplet implements ActionListener

    JButton Enter , Exit;
    JTextField location;
    JLabel city;
    JRadioButton time;
    JComboBox Seasons;

      Random rand = new Random();
      int P = rand.nextInt(100) + 1;//Random Precipitation
       int  H = rand.nextInt(50) + 1;//Random Heat

    public void init ()
             getContentPane() .setLayout (new FlowLayout ());

        Enter =new JButton ("Enter");
        Exit =new JButton ("exit");

        city = new JLabel ("What city?");
        location = new JTextField (20); //location entry field

        Seasons  = new JComboBox ();
        Seasons.addItem ("Summer");
        Seasons.addItem ("Fall");
        Seasons.addItem ("Winter");
        Seasons.addItem ("Spring");

        time = new JRadioButton ("check if night?");

       getContentPane().add (city);
       getContentPane().add (location);
       getContentPane().add (Seasons);
       getContentPane().add (time);

    public void paint (Graphics g)
    { super.paintComponent(g);
    //Precipitation Bar
    g.setColor (Color.black);
        g.drawRect (40, 170, 100, 20);//outline of bar
        g.setColor (Color.blue);
        g.fillRect (40+1, 170+4, P, 14 ); //indicator bar (+4 puts space beetween outline bar)

        //Temparature Bar
    g.setColor (Color.red);
        g.fillRect (170+4 ,50,14,100);//Covers in
        g.setColor (Color.black);
        g.drawRect (170, 50, 20, 100);//outline of bar
        g.setColor (Color.white);
        g.fillRect (170 +4, 50+1, 16, 100 - H); //indicator bar (+4 puts space beetween outline bar)


    public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent ae)

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1) What does your painter variable represent? i.e., painter.paint(g);. 2) Does this code compile? 3) You will want to create a class that extends JPanel and do your drawing in that, not directly in the JApplet as you're trying to do. 4) Please have a look at the tutorial, Performing Custom Painting, for more suggestions on how to do Swing Graphics well. –  Hovercraft Full Of Eels Jan 21 at 14:50
Ok ill try that im limited on what i know how todo though and limited on time –  Curtis Spence Jan 21 at 14:56
K i tried that but Ready java wont run it for whatever reason wont even run there examples –  Curtis Spence Jan 21 at 15:15
We'll need more information to be able to help. If you are having problems with your code, you will want to: 1) post your latest code attempt, 2) post any complete error messages or exceptions that you might be seeing. 3) tell us any important details on your problem. Are you not able to run anything? What are you using to run your program with (Ready? -- I'm not sure what that is)? –  Hovercraft Full Of Eels Jan 21 at 15:27
Why code an applet? If it is due to spec. by teacher, please refer them to Why CS teachers should stop teaching Java applets. –  Andrew Thompson Jan 21 at 15:48

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