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What is a good TreeView replacement with added features over the standard one that comes with vs.net 2008? please include both a free and commercial options.

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It would help if you told us what you're looking for that's not in the std TreeView. –  Jay Riggs Jan 24 '10 at 6:46
I need it to handle multiple columns, and would be nice if you could attach it to a table instead of having to populate it esp with parent/child data –  Alex Jan 24 '10 at 8:28
It is called a TreeList, every component vendor has one. –  Hans Passant Jan 24 '10 at 20:32

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TreeViewAdv has always been my favorite.

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You could to take a look into RadTreeView for WinForms.

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I know this is an old question, but here is a free and comprehensive list/tree view control I found on code project by Phillip Piper called ObjectListView.

It has all the standard features and more. It is well thought out and professionally made. I my opinion it easily stands up to the popular commercial solutions available. I would recommend it to any developer looking for a free feature-rich list/tree view control for their winforms application.


Here's a list of features from the documentation. http://objectlistview.sourceforge.net/cs/index.html

  • It easily transforms a collection of model objects in a fully functional ListView, including automatically sorting and grouping.
  • It can easily edit the values shown in the ListView.
  • It supports tri-state check-boxes (on, off, indeterminate), even in virtual mode, and on subitems.
  • It supports heavily customisable tool tips for both cells and column headers.

  • It can trivially produce nice reports from the ListView.
  • It supports all ListView views (report, tile, large and small icons).
  • It supports owner drawing, including rendering animated GIFs.
  • Its columns can be fixed-width or limited to a minimum/maximum.

  • It shows a highly customisable "list is empty" message when the list is empty (obviously).
  • Its row height can be explicitly set.
  • It supports user selection of visible columns by right clicking on the header.
  • It supports columns that automatically resize to fill any unoccupied width.

  • It supports hot tracking, with text font/color changes and with decorations.
  • It supports image and text overlays, as well as arbitrary overlays (the personal information box) and decorations (the love hearts).
  • It has extensive support for drag and drop.
  • It supports hyperlinks in cells.

  • It supports column headers being styled (normal, hot and pressed states), plus having images and even vertical text.
  • It supports many group formatting options, including collapsible groups. Groups can be shown on virtual lists!
  • It has a version (TreeListView) which combines a tree structure with the columns of a ListView.
  • It has a version (VirtualObjectListView) that supports millions of rows.

  • It has a version (FastObjectListView) that can build a list of 100,000 objects in less than 0.1 seconds.
  • It has a version (DataListView) that supports data binding, and another (FastDataListView) that supports data binding on large (100,000+) data sets.
  • It makes implementing your own virtual list simple through the IVirtualListDataSource interface.
  • It supports filtering, including showing and highlighting rows that match a given string (including regex and prefix match).
  • It supports animations on a cell, row or the whole list. [v2.4]
  • It supports Excel-style filtering. [v2.5]
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Another name for such a component is TreeListView. If you need a WinForms TreeListView control that can be populate from a data table, look at iGrid.NET in TreeListView mode. You can do what you need with just one method call using this control.

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