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Im trying to port twisted on VxWorks. But it doesnt support symlink. That means i have an ImportError: cannot import name symlink.

My questions are: * For what does Twisted need symlink? * Is there anyway to avoid the use of symlink? * Is there any other solution or alternative to make Twisted run without symlink?

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grep -inr symlink twisted/? –  a p Jan 21 '14 at 15:43

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Symlinks are used in the implementation of lockfile.FileSystemLock(), which is documented like this:

class FilesystemLock:
    A mutex.

    This relies on the filesystem property that creating
    a symlink is an atomic operation and that it will
    fail if the symlink already exists.  Deleting the
    symlink will release the lock.

So what you need to do is implement that functionality in some other way that VxWorks supports. There are one or two other uses of symlink in twisted.conch, but they don't appear to be critical; mostly ways to make a symlink when SSH-ing into a Unix system.

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