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I started developing a game using libgdx. It is a top-down 2d game, where you can control your character with w,a,s,d and rotate him with q and e. In the game i handle multiple key presses by setting a boolean value (wPressed = true/false...). But i noticed, that when i press "W" and "D" to go right up, while rotating by pressing "E" i can't shoot by pressing "SPACE". So it seems, that i can't handle more then 3 Inputs. My question now: Is that a Java, libgdx or Hardware dependent thing? My Google research showed me that it has to do with the keyboard buffer, but i am not sure if also Java or libgdx adds some limitations. Thanks

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That is maybe a case of your keyboard. Not every keyboard handles more than 3-4 keydowns at the same time.(called Ghosting) Even depending on the keys you are pressing. e.g. some keyboards handle at the lefthand more than 4 keys but on the right hand just one.

Test the combination here if it works: Keyboard Ghosting Demonstration

If not it's not your inputhandler it's simply the hardware else its the inputhandler and you need show us the code.

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I know that it is not how implemented the inputHandling (: I just wanted to know if it is only a hardware thing or if Java itself Limits the keys. Thanks for that fast answer! I will try the Keyboard Ghosting Demonstration and if it is realy my implementation i will ask again (but i really don't think so :P) –  Springrbua Jan 21 at 15:54
You're wellcome. Had an simmelar issue with that. –  BennX Jan 21 at 15:58

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