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I'm trying to reference


from my python Sphinx documentation, and would like the link in the documentation to look as it would for a func :func: role if __enter__ were implemented in the current class (i.e, in the same style and simply as __enter__ and not as object.__enter__.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

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If you have set up intersphinx, the following markup will produce a hyperlink to the specified target in the Python documentation with the link text __enter__:

:meth:`__enter__ <object.__enter__>`

An alternative:


This will result in the link text __enter__() (with parentheses by default; see http://sphinx-doc.org/config.html#confval-add_function_parentheses).

Or just use this:

`__enter__ <http://docs.python.org/2.7/reference/datamodel.html#object.__enter__>`_

See http://sphinx-doc.org/markup/inline.html#cross-referencing-syntax and http://sphinx-doc.org/rest.html#hyperlinks.

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It looks like I can also simply use ~. –  raxacoricofallapatorius Jan 21 at 22:03

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