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I know some binary diff tool like VBinDiff and others.

Currently I have a large number of binary, around 500.

So I am looking for a binary tool to quantitatively evaluate the difference of binaries..

Like evaluate the difference of binary 10 and binary 100 is 56%. Difference of binary 50 and binary 200 is 78%.

Is there any tool like this? ELF and PE related are both welcomed.

Thank you!

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Have a look at Courgette from the chromium project Here is a related question with source link & compilation instructions: How to compile Google Courgette tool?

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The most popular tool to do this is bindiff by zynamics. I am not sure if it is available anymore.

The other option is Darungrim. It is free and the source is also available. You will still have to write some code atop these tools to get your desired result.

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