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I wonder why webapp2 is default python framework in GAE? Are there some important advantages of using webapp2 on GAE versus other python frameworks,or this was just a random solution? I read it is supported by google,does that mean that it will be more suitable for GAE?

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Because webapp2 is a superset of the webapp engine that was designed by the GAE team at google. This text helps:

webapp2 is a superset of webapp, created by the App Engine team. Because webapp2 is intended to be compatible with webapp, the official webapp documentation is valid for webapp2 too. Parts of this documentation were ported from the App Engine documentation, written by the App Engine team and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. webapp2 has code ported from Werkzeug and Tipfy. webapp2_extras has code ported from Werkzeug, Tipfy and Tornado Web Server. The Sphinx theme mimics the App Engine documentation. This library was not created and is not maintained by Google.

GAE does support other frameworks, but webapp2 is the the most compatible.

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