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We are moving our legacy implementation to Spring IBatis model. I am kind of stuck in modeling these objects in cleaner way using Spring model

Lets say I have two classes [ Both of them are singleton ]

DAOImpl implements DAOInterface

CacheDAOImpl implements DAOInterface

Code snippet showing object initialization in CacheDAOImpl


private static CacheDAOImpl ourInstance = new CacheDAOImpl();

public static CacheDAOImpl  getInstance()
   return ourInstance;

private CacheDAOImpl()
 // intialiazes all caches

Code snippet from DAOImpl showing the CacheDAOImpl Object usage

private DAO getCacheDAO()
   return CacheDAOImpl.getInstance();

public SomeObject lookUpId()
  return getCacheDAO().lookUpId();

In the above implementation cache is initialized only when an method is invoked in DAOImpl whereas with Spring model of initialization, can we do this?. lazy-init may not work here as the object DAOImpl will always be accessed by non-lazy bean

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First, spring's way of defining an object as singleton is to define in the singleton (which is default) bean scope.

Second, lazy-init should work. Just make the process of initialization the DAO bean differ from the process of using it. I.e. when it is constructed, don't initialize the cache - only when it's methods are called.

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@Bozho Thanks. It will be accessed by non-lazy bean always. I will edit the post for clarity. –  Chandra Jan 24 '10 at 9:51

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