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I have a contenteditable div and use execCommand("indent") for the tab key. I discovered that it wraps the tabbed text inside a blockquote element, and when I hit backspace it doesn't remove the blockquote but it just goes to the previous line. Is there some sort of "outdent" command that I can use to remove the blockquote element? (JSFiddle; note: I also discovered that when I hit enter it just wraps the following text in a div tag. Can this be avoided? I'd rather have it add a <br> element but no browsers support the insertBrOnReturn command.)

Any help would be much appreciated.


<div class="myClass"></div>


$(".myClass").prop("contenteditable", true);

$(".myClass").on("keydown", function(e) {
    var keyCode = e.keyCode || e.which;
    if( keyCode === 9 ) {
        document.execCommand("indent", true, null);
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Why not posting code here??? –  A. Wolff Jan 21 at 16:39
@A.Wolff I feel my above explanation warrants not posting code here. The only reason I included a JSFiddle is so that people who might be able to help me can play with it themselves conveniently. If I were to explain and post my code, it would be a bit redundant. It's just basic code. I try to be concise as possible. Feel free to edit. –  Jace Cotton Jan 21 at 16:40
If $(".myClass").prop("contenteditable", true); works then I'm surprised: the property is contentEditable (note upper-case 'E'). Also, to be really pedantic, the value for contentEditable should be a string rather than a Boolean but Booleans do work in every browser I've tried. –  Tim Down Jan 21 at 21:42
@TimDown not in jQuery. The jQuery prop method can accept a boolean then sets it accordingly. See here. As for the lowercase "e", it does work for me in Chrome, IE, and Firefox (all latest) although I have yet to check it in Opera or Safari. –  Jace Cotton Jan 22 at 15:56
Also in every other example I've seen, it uses a lowercase e. –  Jace Cotton Jan 22 at 15:58

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Yes there is an "outdent" command. I have updated your fiddle. Keep in mind that different browsers have different support for contentEditable. In Chrome the backspace will outdent your contentEditable by default, while in IE it wouldn't.

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Okay, I updated that fiddle and removed e.preventDefault() and added else if(keyCode === 8) to detect [backspace] only. I still want the text to be deleted, then the outdent to happen. Right now it's outdenting first, then deleting text. Any way to reverse that? –  Jace Cotton Jan 21 at 16:59
Try changing from keyDown to keyPress. –  Konstantin D - Infragistics Jan 21 at 17:04
No, that doesn't work. It takes all the functionality away. –  Jace Cotton Jan 21 at 17:06
@JaceCotton jsfiddle.net/cKCEF/5 –  Konstantin D - Infragistics Jan 21 at 17:07
That goes back to my original problem where it just goes to the previous line, no outdent. Using Chrome 32 on Windows 8. –  Jace Cotton Jan 21 at 17:09

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