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So Django is sending me mail with this info:

[Django] ERROR: Invalid HTTP_HOST header: '<my server IP here>'.You may need to add u'<my server IP here>' to ALLOWED_HOSTS.

No stack trace available

Request repr() unavailable.

The problem is... You can't access my website with the server IP because I only allowing domain that already is in the ALLOWED_HOST setting.

So... What should I do?

Edit: I am using Nginx -> Gunicorn. This error only happens sometimes, like 1-2 times per week.

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Probably because you didn't set the header before proxying to django, please add your virtual host config file and describe your server structure if it has anything special. –  Mohammad AbuShady Jan 21 at 17:55
This is not happening very often, so it's hard to find the reason for the error message. Anywat, I am using Nginx -> Gunicorn -> Django –  Spindel Jan 21 at 18:05

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Found the reason.

It was when someone tried to access the server via IP over HTTPS, as in https:// (and the server-ip)

The solution is to disable that option.

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