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I ran MAT on my application to see if I can reduce memory leaks and `OutOfMemoryException's that are happening to my users.

I saw in the histogram that was generated by the tool that one of my activities wasn't cleared from memory even though I called finish and created no cyclic references that I was aware of. so I looked through all the incoming references excluding all soft/weak references and saw that there's an EditText that has no name and that I haven't put in the activity.

attached is a screenshot of the report.

please help me understand how to plug this leak.

MAT screenshot

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That looks like the object is about to be finalized and garbage collected. Did you force a GC before recording the memory dump? –  zapl Jan 21 at 18:15
What are you running this on? Device or emulator? OS level? The current source for android.widget.Editor does not show any references to OrientationEventListener. –  CommonsWare Jan 21 at 18:17
@zapl - I always force GC before getting a dump. –  thepoosh Jan 21 at 18:21
Memory leak through IClipboardDataPasteEventImpl seems relevant (and hints to a Samsung bug). The FinalizerReference is btw no sign of impending collection as I thought, it is created for objects that override finalize upon creation –  zapl Jan 21 at 19:24
DAMM YOU SAMSUNG!!! –  thepoosh Jan 21 at 19:50

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