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For Internet Protocol (IP) I can use multicast:

Also, in example, for UDP I can use:

  • broadcast - to send packet to range of addresses
  • multicast - to send packet to list of specified addresses

But can I use something of these for TCP?

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No, you can't. TCP is a protocol for communication between exactly two endpoints. Compared to UDP it features reliable transport, that means, that packets get not only send, but it is expected that the peer acknowledges the receipt of the data and that data will be retransmitted if the acknowledgement is missing. And because Broadcast and Multicast only send but never receive data, the reliability of TCP cannot be implemented on top of these protocols.

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Thank you! And about the rest of what I wrote on the issue about UDP am I right? –  Alex Jan 21 at 19:58
yes, UDP can be used for multicast and broadcast –  Steffen Ullrich Jan 21 at 22:02

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