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Does anyone have any idea, how it is possible to delete multiple class members in a fast way? I have some hundred properties I want to delete. These were generated when creating the class from an XSD:

public bool propnameSpecified { ... }

I don't like to have these, I don't need them. I had a look in the class view if I could mark them and delete like this. I tried regex, but I am, hmm..., not realy a regex geek ;-)

Has anyone a better idea than deleting by hand from source file or writing a script to this?

Any idea appreciated!

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It's probably easier to regenerate the classes using the /fields option of xsd.exe, that way the properties are not generated in the first place. There is no easy way to reliably remove these generated properties in the right way using a regular expression.

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I would do that if there wouldn't be several changes at names and structures have been done in the class... But thanks anyway, now I know how to avoid these properties next time –  this.myself Jan 22 at 7:02

I'm no good with Regex either, but as long as they're only a single line, try this:

(public|private|protected)+ .+ .+ \{ (get|set).+ \}

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