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In my html I have one div that is set to be invisible

 <div id ="isticContainer" style='display:none'>

Then I have one radio button, and when the radio button is checked/clicked my div appears

$('#viem').click(function() { 


Now, I want to check if that div is hidden or not and if it is visible I want another div appear:

 if($('#isticContainer').is(':visible')) {

Unfortunately this isnt working. I assume, that is because i have set it to hidden in my html. How can I solve this?

Thank you

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Where is your condition, what is the full code? –  Karl-André Gagnon Jan 21 at 19:36

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Try this:

 if($('#isticContainer').css('display') != 'none' ) {
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unfortunately, doesnt work, because in my html I have set display:none. It is still there even if js shows that div. So when js checked through html and finds display:none, it wont show it –  user2886091 Jan 21 at 19:43
Try removing the inline css (display:none;) of the html element, and add hide it by jquery at the beggining of your script with $('#isticContainer').hide(); and see if it works then. –  taxicala Jan 21 at 19:48
That was, what I did at first, but I have also other hidden divs, which I am showing/hiding through the "lifecycle" of my web app and this caused that the other divs could not show like I want them. –  user2886091 Jan 21 at 20:05

If all you need is #bonusy7 to fade in after #isticContainer is shown, then you could always just link them with the show()'s on complete function.

$('#isticContainer').show(function () {
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