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use Microsoft SQL

Try to create table using T-SQL language. Code is very simple, executed succesfull, but i don't see created table in Object Explorer. Try restart/reconnect/refresh/reexecuting - result the same - cant see this table. Also try to do it manually (by right click mouse in tree in the Object explorer - all ok - can see just created table).


USE tempdb 
    IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Employees','U') IS NOT NULL
DROP TABLE dbo.Employees;
CREATE TABLE dbo.Employees
    empid INT NOT NULL,
    firstname VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
    lastname VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
    hiredate DATE NOT NULL,
    mgrid INT NULL,
    ssn VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    salary MONEY NOT NULL

Screen shot

enter image description here

Think that the problem is very simple, but try to find answer and stack a little bit. Why i don't see just created table? Is this code is correct for creating table?

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Do you intend the new table to appear in the tempdb database or testdb database? The SQL you provided creates the table in tempdb but the screenshot of the Object Explorer shows that you're looking for the new table in testdb. –  Adam Porad Jan 21 at 19:50

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It is because you are creating that table in TempDB.

enter image description here

From this drop down select the right DataBase.


execute the following statement before you execute the Create Table Statement. Something like


Create Table ....
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oh, yep, now it's ok, stupid mistake, thanks, accept answer in 5 min –  Kirill Jan 21 at 19:49
Not a problem we all make this mistake every now and then :) –  M.Ali Jan 21 at 19:50

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