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I have the following RegEx in Javascript:

    var re1 = '(~)';
    var re2 = '([a-z])';
    var re3 = '([a-z])';
    var re4 = '(\\d)';
    var re5 = '([a-z])';
    var re6 = '(\\d)';
    var matchExp  = new RegExp(re1 + re2 + re3 + re4 + re5 + re6, ["i"]);
    var match = window.location.href.match(matchExp);
    var shortcode = match == null ? "" : match[1];

What I am trying here is shortcodes, I want any url such as /~Xx0X0 to be redirected to /create.html. Where X/x is a non-whitespace character and 0 is a digit.

How would I use the Regex in .htaccess mod_rewrite? I hope that I explained it all correctly.

Shortcode Format

  • ~

    Uppercase Character

    Lowercase Character


    Uppercase Character


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You can put this code in your DOCUMENT_ROOT/.htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /

RewriteRule ^~[A-Z][a-z][0-9][A-Z][0-9]$ /create.html [L,R=301]

Reference: Apache mod_rewrite Introduction

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thank you! would it be possible to limit the shortcode to 6 characters (including ~)? –  NullBy7e Jan 21 at 19:44
It's already limited this way. –  tenub Jan 21 at 19:45
As @tenub: commented it is already limited 6 character including ~ –  anubhava Jan 21 at 19:46
AH ofcourse, thanks. –  NullBy7e Jan 21 at 19:48

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