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I'm using URI routing in Play! for the first time. That's what I have:

  • Eclipse IDE, well updated IMHO;

  • Error:

    Compilation error - not found: value id
    In C:\play\play-2.2.1\samples\java\forms\app\views\contact\form.scala.html at line 7.
    @import helper.twitterBootstrap._
    @title = {
      Add a new contact <small><a href="@routes.Contacts.edit(id: Long)">Or edit an existing contact</a></small> 
    @phoneField(field: Field, className: String = "phone") = {
      @input(field, '_label -> "Phone numbers", '_class -> className) { (id, name, value, _) =>
  • Routes:

    GET     /contacts/:id               controllers.Contacts.edit(id: Long)
  • Controller:

    public static Result edit(Long id) {
        Contact existingContact = Contact.find.byId(3L);
        return ok(form.render(contactForm.fill(existingContact)));

Well, that's it! What else could I check? Thank you!

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When you refer to the routes.Contacts.edit route, you need to pass an id. Right now, it looks like you just copied the parameter declaration (eg id: Long) instead of choosing a meaningful id to pass.

Declare your title block to accept the id as a parameter, eg:

@title(id: Long) = {
  Add a new contact <small><a href="@routes.Contacts.edit(id)">Or edit an existing contact</a></small> 

Then when you use it, pass the id, eg:

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