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I believe it was a result of Chrome update 32 but my browsers scroll bars have changed. Now I have a new modern looking scroll bar which looks nice but no longer has up down arrow buttons.

The problems is I found these to be quite useful for precision line by line page navigation, especially in my app's interface and now I seem to have lost that functionality.

Are they gone forever, is this the future?

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Looks like this is a known issue: ChromeOS style for scrollbars is being applied on Windows. Check out this discussion, which also links to the related Chromium issues and to Chrome extensions to fix the scrollbar style.

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So looks like they will be making a re-appearance, thanks for the link ochedru! –  Jonathan Miles Jan 23 '14 at 16:01

I don't know any way to get em back but it seems like they're entirely gone (forever). But if you're a Webdeveloper you might be interested in custom scrollbar-styling using CSS3.

Lots of stuff about that can be found within a few seconds googling ;)

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