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I'm building a RESTful JSON API with Rails 4.0 and using mongoid as my database. I'm testing the destroy action for one of my controllers using RSpec. However, when I run my test I receive the ActionController::UrlGenerationError: as Rails is unable to find a corresponding route. The weird thing is my destroy action is clearly defined in my routes.rb file and my other controller actions within the same resource work fine.

        describe "DELETE 'delete credit cards'" do
    before do
        @credit = CreditCard.new(cc_last4: Random.rand(1234) ) 

    it "should return a successful json response" do
        params = {comicbook_uid: @user.comicbook_uid.to_s , 
                  notebook_token: @user.comicbook_token, 
                  cc_id: @credit.id, format: :json } 

        delete :destroy, params

        body_hash = JSON.parse response.body

        expect(body_hash["success"]).to eql true

The error that gets generated in my terminal is this:

   Failure/Error: delete :destroy, params

     No route matches {:comicbook_uid=>"52decf924761625bdf000000",  :comicbook_token=>"sfsakjhfk",      
                :format=>:json, :controller=>"credit_cards", 

My routes for the credit card resource look like this:

 resources :credit_cards, only: [:create, :index, :destroy], 
 :defaults => { :format => 'json'}

Thank you in advance and hope can help me out soon!

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You aren't passing an id attribute, which is the only param you should actually need. Moreover, since you are creating your @credit object using CreditCard.new(...) it won't actually have an id until you persist it to the db.


it "should return a successful json response" do
    params = {comicbook_uid: @user.comicbook_uid.to_s , 
              notebook_token: @user.comicbook_token, 
              cc_id: @credit.id, format: :json }


it "should return a successful json response" do
    params = {id: @credit.id, format: :json }

and make sure to persist the CreditCard (or set mock expectations for it to be destroyed).

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Where do I need to pass the id attribute? Reviewing my controller spec, I have a before block at the top of file that creates a user. Therefore, the before block here is unwarranted. I understand I need to pass the id attribute but I'm clueless as where to pass it. Thanks for helping. –  GabeLafontant Jan 21 at 21:46
Are you destroying a user or a credit card? It would appear that you need to create a creditcard first before you try to destroy it... –  PinnyM Jan 21 at 21:48

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