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I have table with users on my site. Which each user I can do some actions: show more (or 'manage'), edit, delete. How to place this links (or it should be buttons) most convenient for user and beautiful.

There are problem, if links would be long. For example, sometimes, user have not to delete data because it is connected to some data in database. I don't want to do this check in delete script, because I think it is too late to show user that he can't do it at this moment. I think better is to show it before pressing delete button or just don't let do it (what I am doing). I check if there are some data connected and output 'delete (not allowed at the moment)'.

So the question: how to place links/buttons more convient on page. Or maybe better do it from "profile"? Or maybe dropdown menu? Or something else? Maybe there are another method exists how to let user now he can't do something before he do it?

At the moment: Deletable delete is working with this row

Not deletable delete now available

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